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My 5yr old bose desktop speakers are on deaths door... Any suggestions for a speaker setup under $200?

I am using the integrated sound on my asus p6x58d premium (7.1?). I don't need to use all 7.1. a good 2.1 or 5.1 should do it.

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  1. Well for that price range 2.1 is the way to go imo.
    I've listen to both Logitech sets 50+hrs and would recommend them.
    Both are very good.
    Another high-end 2.1 set
    To get the best performance i would suggest a sound card.
    Night and day difference from onboard imho.
  2. If I go with the Logitech at around $150 is there a $50 sound card you would recommend?
  3. i own the 2.1 THX klipsch set davcon linked, they easily beat anything logitech or creative offer.
  4. ^+1 he's right i've heard them that's why i included them.
    They are the best of the lot i linked.
  5. So this begs the question... If i'm looking to spend no more than $200, do I go for the Klipsch speakers and run that from my mobo, or get the logitech and get the sound card?
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    get the klipsch

    you can always pick a sound card later
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