Need Advice and Help

Hi all. i`m new here. need some advice and help from all of you..

My old Rig

Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L
Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.4ghz
Asus en9600gt 512mb 128bit
Kingston HyperX 4gb 800mhz
Common PSU 250watt
Windows XP professional x32

with this rig i can play untill battlefield badcompany 2 and just cause...not to mention assassins creed 2....
its kinda laggy and slow fps

but recently i have upgraded my rig to

GA-G31M-ES2L (same Motherboard)
intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93ghz
Gigabyte gts250 512mb 256bit
Kingston HyperX 4gb 800mhz (same RAM)
Common PSU 450watt
Windows 7 ultimate x32

for this rig every game became more stable and more fps..
But, theres something that bothering me,

1. My gaming still kinda lag a bit.
2. The quality of game change a bit only
3. Why when i set game setting to high the fps drop?

to think again, yes im agreed if you guys said my rig is poor..its ok.... im a student and from a mid range huge family but my new rig supposed to play at high setting....

please gimme advice and help inorder to enhance my gaming and to have a homebuilt full experience :)

p/s : i have updated all drivers, defrag, disable antivirus.
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  1. oh yea almost forgot, live in malaysia....the price of a hardware is quite expensive for example gigabyte gts 250 1gb = RM520 equals to $162.93......
  2. My first suggestion is to overclock your CPU to at least 3.2 GHz and that should provide a better performance increase. Over 3.0 GHz is good for gaming performance.

    Most of those games will benefit from a Quad-Core CPU but that looks out of your budget, so overclocking is your best option. Also, you can run the games at a lower resolution, which will help with the lag, as well
  3. if i overclocked wouldn`t shorten the core lifespan? basically im afraid to overclock :0
    regarding your suggestion, can i overclock the core on the stock fan??
  4. Overclocking will not effect the life span of your CPU (as long as you maintain safe temps). You'll be fine running at 3.2 GHz :)

    You can do a mild overclock on a stock fan but I would recommend any overclock be done using an aftermarket cooler for better temp.
  5. :o wow....

    guess ill be oc my core after all... 3.2ghz..

    if i buy a new psu such as cooler master with true power, will it gives my rig a performance boost?
  6. A new PSU will not increase your performance, unless your old PSU didn't have enough power to properly power system.
  7. hm let say that my current psu is 230v which gives 450 watt maximum... my gts 250 graphic card need "at least" 450 watt.. does that mean i have an adequate power for my whole system?
  8. You need to know how many amps are on your 12V rail, which plays a major role. Can you list the make and model, which will help determining if you need a new one or not.
  9. 12V rail?
    heres my psu

    model : AVF PS450-F1V2

    AC input : 115v-230v Current : 10A 6A Frequency 50hz 60hz

    max 435watt

    total max power 450 watt...

    like this?
  10. It is not the best of PSU :( Do you already have it or do you have options for a different brand?

    I tried to Google it to find the 12v rail amps and had no luck (not a good thing... IMO). On paper it has the power for a GTS250 but I'm not sure in performance it does. It might just have to be one of those, let's see what happens.
  11. haha i knew it. uh... i already have it... i think if i convert the price of the psu into dollar... about 10$....haha i know its cheap...

    im thinking about cooler master with 650watt....

    or corsair......
  12. Corsair is your first choice if you can get it, followed by SeaSonic & Antec
  13. Antec makes a good 650 Watt continuous power PSU. I've had it for a while and I love it. Works like a charm.

    Tecmo is right. Atleast 3.0 GHz is the sweetspot for gaming.
  14. ahh i see,...

    but does it really makes any difference between 2.93 and 3.0? well it just a small value 0.07...

    next month im gonna buy new psu... :)

    i have a new question... what if i change my ram from hyperX kvr800 to corsair ddr2 gaming?
  15. update...

    just check on antec neo480 psu...

    dang the price is high :( $149.95 / RM570.....
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