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Hi All,

So I have read the Water Cooling Sticky and I think I have this water cooling stuff figured out. (I think). My current setup is all air and it sucks bc its hot and loud and I want to push the clocks so here I am ready for water...

Parts are as follows:

CPU: 3930k
MEM: 16gb GSkill
GPUs: 4 x MSI 7970
PSU: 1600w Lepa

CASE: CaseLabs Magnum STH10
GPU BLOCKS: 4 x EK Nickel / Acetal CSQ using quad bridge,
CPU BLOCK: EK Nickel / Acetal CSQ
MB BLOCKS: Cant decide.
RADS: 2 x 480 GTX BlackIce Xtreme and 2 x 360 Alphacool UT60
FANS: Corsair SP120 High Performance x 32 (2350 rpm)
RES: BitsPower Z Multi 250 Inline
PUMPS: Swiftech Dual Extreme Duty Small Form Factor 12 VDC Industrial PWM Pump - Black (MCP35X2-BK)
TUBING: 1/2 by 3/4 PrimoChill
FITTINGS: BitsPower Compression

I figure my TDP to be about 1400 (300 per gpu and 200 cpu). Total Rad space is 1680 leaving me a little something, something left over.

1. Is my Rad space sufficient? (From what I know I should be gtg)
2. Is my pump sufficient or should I add another?
3. I am debating on cooling my MB. Is it worth it? (I understand it can help with OC the CPU) If I add blocks to my RIVE will I need to add another RAD or PUMP to help with restriction?

Thanks all for your time and expertise.
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  1. Wow Dude have you priced this out?

    Sick build, I would like to see it this rig come together and get built!
  2. i think you wil be better of going with 1 or 2 of MCP655..i have 2 in a Koolance RP-452X2 Dual 5.25in Reservoir
  3. I would throw two pumps on that as well, 4Gpu's is a lot of restriction on a loop,
    Try to find different blocks for them too, EK Nickel is not a good choice,
    Mobo blocks really not necessary,
    32 fans? you'll be needing several fancontrollers then, good news is with all those, you'll be having them on really slow speeds and that will help your silence aims.
    although personally I'd be throwing 4x480's at that lot, if not more, 560 rads anyone? :P
    Overradding is one of the least utilised tools in a Watercoolers arsenal, and I can't extol the virtues of it enough,
    I'm pleased to see you going for it and look forward to seeing this beastie brought to life
  4. I thought about using the Koolance setup but given the size of the case I wanted to fill it up a bit and go with the 250.

    I already have 2 480s so I will add another 480 to the top and run 1 360 on its side up top with my PSU and then put another 360 in the front. That gives me an extra 480 worth of rad space to use for a total of 2160. :love:

    I was eyeing a single MCP35X2. The one I listed is 2 pumps in one so this will give me 3 total but from what I understand the dual pump provides more resiliency than anything else. I am thinking I will place the second pump directly after the first pump that will have the Res sitting on it.

    Ive sketched up my flow and it will go Res -> Pump 1 - > Pump 2 -> CPU -> 480 -> 360 (Top of case) -> GPUs - > 480 - > 480 -> 360 -> Res.

    Based upon my calculations I can get by with 1 Fan Controller. I am planning to use the Lamptron 30w per channel 5 channel touch controller. Fan specs as follows.....

    Performance at 12V

    Airflow =62.74 CFM, Static Pressure = 3.1 mm/H20, Sound Level = 35 dBA, Speed = 2350 RPM, Power Draw = 0.18 A

    Using the formula P(W) = I(A) × V(V), I came up with the following for the fans....

    17.28 watts per 480 (8 fans x 2.18 watts/fan), enough room for 30w per channel on the Lamptron. 12.96 watts per 360. 5 Rads, 5 channels. I hope if figured this out properly. :sweat:
  5. The MCP35X2 should be *good enough* (if there is such a thing for this build ;)). The 35X has a higher head, so it has the ability to push a little harder than the 655s when the loop starts getting restrictive (think horsepower and torque in cars; HP = flow rate, torque = head).

    The other option with the pumps is to simply get two 35Xs and place them about halfway through the loop away from each other (maybe after the first 360 you have listed in your loop order). This is probably a better option so you can maintain flow rate and pressure throughout the whole loop. You could also break the loop into two, given its length. Your call though.
  6. If I break it into 2 loops, I could go with 1 360 for the CPU and the rest for the GPUs? That would give me 3 480s and 1 360 for the GPUs. Would that be sufficient? Based upon my calculations I should be good I
  7. That'd give you a *lot* of rad space per GPU. You could either cut out a rad or two, or run very low RPM fans (~500-800 RPM).
  8. Bear in mind fans require a minimum starting voltage, if you don't have enough juice per fan, they won't start spinning,
    I would only have one or two fans max on one channel, my radbox was set up like that until I bought a third Fan controller, six fans per 360 rad, in three pairs so one slot one both sides was one channel, middle two fans on another etc,
    I'd also think five rads was a bit ott, even for me lol, 3x480+360 is plenty enough to be getting on with come bleeding time
    Nice to see you again Boiler, your presence has been missed mate :)
    I'm just off to check out your Prodigy build log now
  9. Thank you for your time. So it seems the best setup would be to go 3 x 480 + 360 in a single loop. With this setup, should I add the second pump in series with the first dual pump I have? Or just stick with the dual MCP35X2?

    Regarding Fan Setup....

    So if I understand correctly, I could go with 2 Lamptron Touch Fan controllers. I was thinking of the following setup...

    480 rad fans - take 4 fans from each side and hook them up using this -

    Then run a 3 pin cable back to the Fan Controller using this cable -

    With 3 480s I would have 4 fans per each channel, there are 6 channels on the Fan Controller so I could use 1 controller for the 3 480s and get a second for the 360 Rad and the case fans. Doing this it seems I would be okay power wise.

    Will this work?
  10. Quote:
    With this setup, should I add the second pump in series with the first dual pump I have? Or just stick with the dual MCP35X2?

    The MCP35X2 is plenty (simply 2x MCP35Xs together). I was saying that you could get 2x 35Xs instead of the 35X2 and split them up through the loop, is all (which IMO would be ideal, but is not at all necessary). In practice, there isn't a significant difference, since performance isn't quite dictated by the pump in most scenarios.
  11. Its always possible to use the second pump in the dualpump res halfway through the loop anyway, just a matter of routing tubing in a suitable way
    and yes, provided you calculate the amperages correctly those splitter boxes should be fine, (certainly tidier and that I approve of)
  12. The MCP35X2 directly links the two pumps. He'd have to remove the pump top to route them separately.
  13. Hmm, newfangled bloody.. anyhow :)
    ok, so its a straight run using that/those pumps, no biggy, I just prefer to split pumps halfway, it isn't mandatory but helps my mind hehe
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