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Hey folks,,, I'm trying to identify a PSU between XFX P1-650X-CAG9 & Corsair CMPSU-650TX for my new system build.
Please help.
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  1. Both are good PSU but ATM Corsair has a 20 dollar MIR and makes it 69.99 after the rebate ( and i always got my MIR back from Corsair )

    I pick the Corsair

    Whats you system specs ? and will you do xfire/sli ?
  2. Go with the Corsair... Specially at that price!!!
  3. Corsair is better quality, better price!

    Wahts not to love!?!?!?!
  4. Not familiar with that XFX model and din't find many reviews.....if it was the "Black Edition" I woulda said grab it as the Blacks are comparable to Corsair's top of the line HX series. The Corsair TX is comparable to the Antec EA series below and is a very good PSU.

    For comparison purposes , the list below contains performance ratings (10 scale) at / prices as per newegg on 02/26/2010 and ones w/ double asteris (**) made it onto's Editor's Choice List:

    Note: Just because you see a brand name on this list, never make the assumption that their other lines are of matching quality. Silverstone for example has other models w/ 6.0 and 7.0 ratings.

    Antec Signature 650W (10.0) OOS **
    Seasonic X-650 650W (10.0) $160 **
    Silverstone Olympia OP650 (10.0) NFS

    Thermaltake Toughpower QFan 650W (9.5) NLA

    Antec Earthwatts EA650 650W (9.0) $75

    Antec True Power Trio 650W (7.5) NLA

    XFX XPS 650W XXX Edition Power Supply (7.0) NFS

    Antec NeoPower Blue 650W (6.5) NLA

    BFG BFGR650PSU 650W (6.0) NLA

    NorthQ Black Magic Flex 650W PSU (5.0) NFS

    NFS - Not For Sale / NLA = No Longer Available / OOS - Out of Stock
  5. Good review for the XFX 650 XXX power supply here.

    "XFX 650 W XXX Edition is a very good power supply, being capable of delivering its labeled wattage at high temperatures, keeping high efficiency if you pull up to 80% of its labeled capacity (i.e. up to 520 W), a three percent voltage regulation (as opposed of 5% as defined on the ATX specification – translation: voltages closer to their nominal values than required), low noise and ripple levels, modular cabling system and a single-rail design.

    Another nice feature is the presence of four connectors for video cards, allowing you to install two video cards that require two power connectors each. Some 650 W power supplies from other manufacturers have only two of them, and some users only discover this when it is too late (i.e. after buying a second video card and trying to install it).

    It presents a good value for the average Joe............ And the five-year warranty certainly counts positive points towards this unit.

    When we opened this power supply and saw that the printed circuit board was from PC Power & Cooling Silencer EPS12V series, we thought that this unit could be a relabeled Silencer 610 with a modular cabling system added, but our suspicion didn’t hold true: this 650 W unit uses rectifiers with greater current limits on the secondary, plus more powerful transistors on the active PFC circuit."
  6. I've gone with the Corsair based on the extensive reviews available.

    Thnx everyone for turning my head Corsair's way :bounce:
  7. Yep.

    Corsiar, In particular the 140$ TX-950, IS the best PSU Price/Preformance soultion.

    (The TX 950 not only provides 100W more than the tx-850, but it built of an updated procces, and is better in every catgorie)
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