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i´ve HD5750(not overclocked)and intel dual core E2180(not overclocked).i think this processor is making bottleneck;i want to know if my prediction is right and if it´s i would like to know which is the worst processor that won´t gonna make me bottleneck.
Thanks Hernan
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  1. Nope, The Graphics card is rather low end, so any C2D shouldn't bottleneck.

    And CPUs don't have much of a effect on Frames, Unless you have a P4.
  2. That's not so. The E2180 is only 2.0 GHZ with 1 mb of L2 cache. It will certainly bottleneck an HD5750 in the more CPU intensive games at stock. However it should OC easily and well. Probably over 3 GHZ just on the stock cooler which should clear up the problem almost entirely.
  3. 5750 is like about <4850 1gb right?
  4. builderbobftw said:
    5750 is like about <4850 1gb right?

    they are the same, the 4850 does better in some games, the 5750 in others....and how is the 5750 a low end GPU???
  5. i think i have bottleneck because i have problem with i let u a video of far cry 2 that shows it. .look at the stone.
  6. jyjjy i dont know how to OC anything but if i go to a any PC technician.He´ll know how to do that?
  7. It's rather easy, and there's a guide stickied in the Overclocking section.
  8. Conduct a couple of tests.

    1) Make your cpu go slower and see if you still get the same frame rates. Do this by going to windows/power management, and limiting your cpu utilization to some number like 75%. If your frame rates do not change, you are not cpu bound.

    2) Reduce the resolution of your game and remove some of the eye candy. If your frame rates go up with a lessened graphics load, it indicates that your cpu is strong enough to drive a faster graphics card. Conversely, if the frame rates stay the same, it indicates that your cpu is limiting you.

    Let us know what you see. I think you are relatively balanced now.
  9. Fire up taskmaanger during a game, see if both cores are at 100%.
  10. my power management folder doesnt exist :S
  11. Hit CNTRl+ALT+DELETE at the same time, see what happens.
  12. hernan9999 said:
    my power management folder doesnt exist :S

    control panel/power options/high performance/change plan settings/change advanced power settings/processor power management/maximum processor state set to <100% temporarily.
  13. A 2180 at stock is going to be a problem for newer games. Any game that needs CPU power isn't going to work as well. OCing it will help, but that 1MB cache will hold it back some. I would try to get it to 3GHz.
  14. Yeah, no question that cpu at stock is going to bottleneck an HD5750 in a lot of games, especially at low resolutions. I'm surprised people are questioning that.
    Just OC it like we said before. It's really not particularly difficult. Basically you are just raising the front side bus, bumping up the voltage a lil as necessary.
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