Are my CPU temps too high?

I just finishes upgrading my system today. I went from a Pentium Dual Core E2180, ASUS 4850, and ASUS P5Q Pro 775LGA mobo to a Core 2 Duo E7500, HIS 5850, and P5Q Pro Turbo. I just installed windows and then HWMonito to check temps. Good new is SYSTIN idles 23C, AUXTIN 33C, and CPUTIN 31C but got as high as 43C. My old mobo CPUTIN was 43+ all the time. Bad thing is on old CPU the Core Temp ran like 30C-35C, now they read 47C all the time. Is that ok or is it glitch? It sounds too hot and I dont wanna fry it. I am using MX-2 Thermal Grease. I am also using a 92MM Rosewill cooler with solid copper base and its set to run according to temp and its running about 800 RPMs.
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    47°C is fine.
  2. Ok thanks guys, my older one was alot cooler so I was worried. Thanks :)
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