Advice: Replacing Dark Knight II Heat Sink Fan?

I just installed a Xigmatek Dark Knight II in my build. It's cooling my Intel i5 3470 and idle/load temps are 30/50-55c . The fan, however, is a bit too loud for my liking in the mid to upper RPM Range so I am wondering a couple things here:
1. What Fans could/should I use to replace the fan?
2. Would it hurt to just install a static RPM Fan on the heat sink (decent CFM/lower RPM but low noise)?
3. Should I use a push/pull setup - how much would that improve cooling (example 1-5 degrees cooler) ?
4. For example, would this PWM fan be legit replacement?

*I appreciate any legit advice, ideas, or suggestions. I enjoy trying to keep my rig quiet as possible**

My build:
Fractal Design Define R4
Asrock Z77m
Intel i5 3470
Gigabyte GTX 660oc
Seasonic 620w modular
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  1. Yes, that cougar is a good choice.

    Push pull might get you down about 3 degrees.
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