Are MSi graphics card good, compare to other brands?

are MSi graphics card good, compare to other brands? ucz i'm planning to get MSI R5770-PMD1G.
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  1. They are not the greatest for graphics cards.

    I highly recommend XFX for their warranty.
    And Sapphire for many great past/present experiences with their products.
  2. Depends on the card. If it's a reference card then they are all the same except for the bundle. That one looks like it's non-reference, and MSI generally does a pretty good job on those. Compared to other brands, MSI has above average cards, and that's where the 5770 you're looking at seems to fall under, and then they have the exceptional cards like the Lightning and HAWK series.
  3. ^ I should also mention that when MSI makes the lower cost cards, the sometimes suck :D.
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