Mobo for server/nas/media box

hi guys

Im lookin at making a server-like NAS/media box cheaply (preferably). My questions are around the motherboard.

my requirements are:
- min 2x SATA ports, prefer 3-4
- RAID capable
- built in 100MB/s LAN
- no legacy sockets
- Stablity is important

Would like to have
- ability to add Graphics card (so PCI-express or whatever its called now) for HDMI etc
- a CPU socket that is future-proof (remember its a server though, so dont need latest greatest chip)
- min 2x DDR2 or DDR3 RAM sockets, though i'll be putting DDR sticks in to begin with.

Prefer Intel chips, but pretty open to AMD if the price/features is right. Probably looking at the lower speed end of dual core... but not too sure on that (unsure how much power is needed for a box like this)

Any advice would be appreciated
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  1. Checkout the biostar TA880GB+ for $64.99 shipped at newegg. It's micro atx format; has only one ps2 port and lots of standard features. You'll pay the same or more for the mini-itx boards; for raid, newegg has a rosewill sata II raid card for $19.99. You can use a sempron 140 with this board, and it may even unlock the second disabled core if you want to try it. I found this cpu for $22.99 recently at frys with heatsink. If you need a case, newegg has an HEC 7K09BBA30FNRX with 300w power supply for $49.99 plus $1.99 shipping that gets good reviews and isn't too big. This board uses ddr3 which is cheap right now. 2x2 gb kits start at around $43 shipped. Finding a new board for ddr is tougher; check craigslist for used stuff or computer geeks.
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