Upgrading memory on motherboard.

I am thinking of upgrading the memory on my desktop, and would like to verify some facts before I do anything.

Relevant specs:
Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth X58
Current Memory: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 1600 (Model F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL)

Ideally, I would just buy another set, but I am not sure if it will work.

Looking at the manual for the motherboard, it seems to indicate that the motherboard supports 4 DIMMs:

However, it says on the next page
Due to Intel spec definition, X.M.P. DIMMs and DDR2-1600 are supported for one DIMM per channel only.

Does this mean that if I buy another set and try to use 4 DIMM it will not be supported? I would appreciate any suggestions that you may have on this.

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  1. All you would need to do is follow the instructions under "Four DIMMs (Triple-Channel Operation):"
  2. The quote should say
    Due to Intel spec definition, X.M.P. DIMMs and DDR3-1600 are supported for one DIMM per channel only.

    Will this not matter? Thanks.
  3. Not 100% sure to be honest, the diagram suggests it would work fine, however that quote is confusing

    I assume there's 3 channels (A,B and C) and that if you were to put 1600Mhz DDR3 DIMMS in Channel A (as the diagram suggests) using A1 and A2 then the PC wouldn't boot?
  4. Indeed, the manual is confusing when it comes to this. I think it might be talking about the instance of having only having 2 DIMMs being put into one channel as opposed to spreading it out to the other channels.

    I went into my BIOS and it seems that the current settings are set at 1033Mhz. Since I am currently not operating at 1600Mhz, I think it might be okay? I'll have to figure out how to boost the performance.
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    Yeah when I built my X58 system my motherboard set my 1333mhz RAM to 1066 or something like that, it also set the DRAM Voltage to 1.50V when my RAM is rated at 1.65V

    You'll have to set your memory multiplyer to its correct value, also make sure your RAM is running at its rated latency timings and voltage.
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