AMD Phenom™ II X4 820 vs X6 1055T

How big of a difference is there between these two processors for every day tasks and for gaming? I've noticed that in my build I can accompany both of these CPUs with a HD 5870, so would the cheaper processor (820) make a really noticeable difference? I'd mostly use this for higher graphic gaming, browsing, word documents, movies, music, etc...
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  1. The x6 is a benefit if you multitask.
  2. if you do HEAVY video encoding and multitask (while vido encoding lol), i can see "why" you would go for the 1055T (thou i dont see how would anyone need that)

    if you want to play go for the 820, but would not be better an 955 ? the diff isnt THAT much (money)
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