HD not come up in bios

My HD won't show up in the bios untill i go on it manually then it finds it but then i restart pc and its gone again?

Its IDE 160GB with DVD-RW in sata

Any ideas?
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  1. Come on guys help me out here.......
  2. Hello,

    Sounds like the battery on your motherboard is dead. Can you replace it and try again? It should look like a regular watch battery.......do not take it out while your computer is on though.
  3. I have put a new one in and it freezes while dectecting IDE drives. I chaged the ide lead and waiting to see what happens in windows setup where as before it showed up but i could not install to it
  4. Okay so it seems to be all A ok for now seems your idea worked ill keep it posted untill i have finished the install and see if it lasts after a few restarts thanks for the help :)
  5. No problem. Let us know how it goes.
  6. Mess with the storage mode, IDE vs SATA vs AHCI vs RAID
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