Posts but no signal to monitor sometimes

hey guys,

heres my build

mobo- gigabyte x58
cpu- i7 950
psu- 1000w corsair
ram- 6gig corsair 2000mhz
OS- win7 64bit
gpu- gigabyte radeon 5750x2 (crossfire)
case- coolermaster with a ****load of fans

now heres my issue's

1) ever since i have built this machine (2 months) i have had intermitant issues of the computer loading with no display then all of a sudden the monitor turns on as soon as the OS loads, and other times the screen never comes on at all. You can hear that everything loads up fine, you can even log in but u just cant see anything.(standby mode on monitor).

other times it all works fine.
The problem seems 2 be gettin worse and hapening more frequently.

I pulled side off the computer and saw that 1 of the graphics cards fans wasnt turning at all. i then removed both cards and tried each 1 independantly. 1 of the cards wouldnt work no matter wat pci slot i used.
I noticed upon close inspection that both cards had a dried substance that appeared slightly like moisture damage (possibly silicon) u cannot rub this moisture stuff off tho. I assure you that this computer has never been or had any liquid near it.

Anyways i then only turned the pc on with the good gpu installed. It then worked fine for a couple of times and now having the same startup issues that i was experiencing in the first place.

plz help a new member out.

ps i also checked temp of card under extreme load and didnt get over 68degrees celcius.
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  2. I had a an issue similar to yours but it turned out to be my monitor that was failing not recognizing the signal from the card intermittently and slowly increasing until intolerable.
  3. Remember, the POST can only check the video interface, not the GPU's.

    So - monitor, cables, cards, crossover connector.
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