How to identify the audio chipsett?

I have a HP NC4000 laptop that I am trying to get working with windows 7. Everything is working apart from the audio, where I can't find a functional driver. HP only supports this model up to XP and none of the XP drivers work, even in compatibility mode. There is also some confusion over the exact audio chipset this uses. Some say it uses an ALI audio device, whereas HP XP drivers are for an ADI (analog Devices Inc.) Soundmax onboard sound device.

I just opened up the laptop and am trying to identify the exact audio chip to make life easier. I have taken some pictures of the motherboard where the sound ports are. Any idea where I should be looking? Please see these pictures I have taken:
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  1. Thanks for the links but these drivers do not work. Eveytime I try to install them the soundmax installer says:

    "the audio driver files do not support your computer hardware"

    Do you have any other ideas of drivers I could try. I treid all the XP ones but I just can't get them working on windows 7.

    Any ideas?
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