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my mobo is

i have currently OC my PhenomIIx6 1045t to 3.4ghz without touching the voltage, will i be able to go any higher with my current setup? currently my cpu voltage is 1.332v idling and 1.380 under load
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  1. Hi,

    What are your temps under load?

    What did you use to test stability and how long did you test for?

    Is your overclock stable with less voltage?

    No where near enough info....
  2. under load my cpu reaches 31C i have tested it on prime 95 for 30 min and able to play planetside 2 which is intense for 2hrs+ , idk if my OC is stable with less voltage, i hear that OCing on a mobo like mine is not good because of the 3+1 power phase
  3. You need to also be monitoring the VRM temps for your motherboard as I expect they will be getting pretty hot (no heatsinks/active cooling), you can monitor these temps with hardware monitor, I think the VRM's are named TMPIN0 in HWMonitor.

    You also need to stability test for much longer if you want to make sure it's stable, 12+ hours.
  4. i OC to 3.5ghz

    i ran prime 95 for a while now and the cpu temps reached a max of 44C
    TMPIN0= 33C
    TMPIN1= 55C
    TMPIN2= 60C

    Core voltage went up to 1.404V
    stable for 10 hours
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