What is an onboard graphics card

i hv just bought a dell inspiron 1564 powerd by intel core i3 2.13GHz (4GB ram and 288 hard disk windows 7) i am not able to play nfs most wanted as it is asking for the missing d3dx9_26.dll file. so how can i get it and also pls guide me about the graphics card, i sit needed for the game

hope u can guide me
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  1. well that error means you need to install DirectX. google it, and install the latest end user runtime.

    but without a decent graphics card, that game won't run well enough to play. you need a decent dedicated card.
  2. firstly an onboard graphics card is built into the motherboard opposed 2 an aftermarket graphics card that is installed seperatly.

    d3dx9_26.dll is most likely from a bugged direct x install. so just reinstall direct x and try out your system
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