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Now I wouldn't mind having any one of these cases, but I want to know others opinions. For my next setup it's going to be a water cooled gaming set up and I would like to know your opinions on the water cooling capabilities on these cases. I am highly picky when it comes to looks so yeah :P
The Cooler Master:
Cosmos II
HAF 932 Advanced
Corsair Obsidian 800D
NZXT Phantom

I'm trying to decide on which of these cases to use. I really prefer the HAF X but the top 200mm fans extend into the 5.25" bays and putting a Dual 200mm Rad would force me to not use the top optical bay, and my OCD will not like that. The HAF 932 Advanced is kinda ok, just the side window sucks and the design style, when compared to the HAF X, sucks (Even though highly similar, the small differences matter). The Cosmos II is almost perfect but it is too pricey for what it comes with. I wish they would have done just a little better on the water cooling capabilities with this case like corsair did with the Obsidian 800D.

The Obsidian 800D is a good case as well, it's just it's too blocky for my likings and I don't think the air flow will be that great, even in a watercooled system.

And the NZXT is really cool, I have heard great reviews on it, but the way it is designed is not for me. I just want to know y'alls opinions on it.

Any help/advice/opinions will be greatly appreciated. And feel free to call me out or try to justify any of the problems I had with these cases.
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  1. The 800D is definitely the easiest to watercool in. You can fit a 360 + 240 loop with no true modifications to the case, and there have been a number of builds here that have had great success in that case (I've seen some GPU temps in the ~38C range with 2 GPUs + CPU in the loop). Here's a great example:

    I've seen a few loops in the Phantom, but it's not quite built for WCing and it's a struggle to get a 360 in there.

    It really depends on what you like, how much work/modding you're willing to do, and what cases afford you what you want. The 800D and Cosmos II are great cases if you don't want to mod, but cases like the HAF X have some room to mod.
  2. I was thinking about modding the PC if I got the HAF X. It was going to be called "Bloodline" and it would feature Red and Black accents (Pretty much looks like the nVidia Edition but switch the green with red) and it would be ASUS ROG themed. I just didn't know if I could find an ASUS ROG logo to switch out with the Cooler Master one on the front fan intake.
    I did use google (should have done this before hand :P) and found a thread from here bout water cooling with the HAF X using a dual 200mm rad on the top, and some one put a link to another forum showing some guys build with the same dual 200mm rad I was thinking about getting. He did some modding and it was no issue.
  3. Check my build log (in my sig), I'm water-cooling in a HAF-X so you can see the challenges and peculiarities the case provides.

    About the top 5.25" bay, as long as what you have in there doesn't take the whole bay (like a fan controller) and the rad is slim, you can use the top bay. My NZXT Sentry Mix fan controller fits nicely.

    Depending on how much you want to cool, rad space will become an issue I think. Might have to remove the HDD bays and use that 200/240mm mount at the front as well as the triple rad at the top.
    Or external mount, which I think fits fairly well with the HAF aesthetic.
  4. I can deal with taking out the HDD bays because all I need for this build is a 2.5" SSD and a 1TB HDD which would both go inside the hot swap bays. The OS is going on an mSATA because i'm getting the ASUS Maximus V Formula, and I just need an SSD for programs/games and a HDD for files and such. If I need more space I have plans for a NAS build, so no worries there.

    I think i'm going to use a dual 200mm rad on top instead of a triple 120mm rad, and I did have plans to use that same fan controller so I guess it works out haha.
  5. If you're going with a case with an absolute no holds barred budget...then getting a case labs would do :P or a 900D. But you seem decided on the HAF-X :)
  6. I would agree that case labs makes a good case for water cooling take a look

    i like the MAGNUM M8 case!
  7. You know, after some thinking, I might rethink this build and do it in a Magnum M8 :D I knew about case labs but at first I didn't like the "simple" look of them. That was almost a year ago and now I really like them. I didn't know how versatile these cases were and what you could do with them.

    But speaking about speaking about the Corsair 900D, I just looked it up and by golly does that thing look amazing. I might have to do another build in that one following this build haha. Maybe for a server, or a computer for music production. I don't know, i'm so indecisive!
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