Nvidia geforce gt220 driver update crash problem( help)

i have the display card gt 220 . im currently running the nvidia 186.XX driver version without any problems at all.
But whenever i update the driver from the nvidia website , my pc begins to crash , this is what happens,
my pc freezes all of a sudden and forces me to physically reboot. it always happen whenever the version isnt 186.xx.
currently tried 196.21 and thought it might work but its the same. the frustrating thing is that it crashed the moment i finished installation. it always happens when i update , so i keep uninstalling the nvidia drivers and then installing the old file that i have which is 186.xx . then it works flawless. is this nvidia's fault and does anyone know a fix or why this happens.
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  1. It's probably nvidia's fault or you didn't completely uninstall your old graphics driver. Sometimes just installing the new ones ontop of the old ones doesn't work
  2. Try removing/deleting the Nvidia folders from the Program files or wherever they may be located (!) after you've removed the previous driver.
    I usually clear out the lot when it's time for a driver update
    I hate tripping over old stuff in the way.
  3. I bought a new nvidia EVGA GT 220 card cam with I think 192.xx drivers then updated today March 25, to the 197.xx drivers (while EVGA recommends 196.xx.). Read, from several forums lots of people where happy with 186.xx drivers until they tried updating to 190.xx drivers.

    I dont know why it happens. But I think I too might have to find some 186.xx drivers as well.
  4. I was just on the Driver Site ... New update fixes ... Roll back or roll forwards !!
  5. I am having the same issues with the GeForce GT 220. My computer finally got caught before it froze - it stated that the video driver had crashed. Gee, thanks for the great 64 bit thing that makes my computer freeze six or more times a day.

    Any true fix?

  6. It Actually Took Me a Long long Time to find the issue but i found a answere that worked for me. Upgrade your driver to 197.45 then turn off Gamma Correction I hope that helps you all trying to find answeres to this issue
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  8. Quote:
    It Actually Took Me a Long long Time to find the issue but i found a answere that worked for me. Upgrade your driver to 197.45 then turn off Gamma Correction I hope that helps you all trying to find answeres to this issue

    so, a little while later.... I got a RMA card from EVGA [excellent service]. On install of the new card I updated drivers. Card has worked, almost flawlessly ever since. I do have Gamma issues with 2 instances of Everquest at a time and i don't know how to turn it off. But i can run with graphics Vectex Shaders 3.0 and Pixel Shaders 3.0 and at a resolution of 1280 x 1024 on Everquest(which at saying alot) but its better then my GeForce 6800 could do. So the better drivers appears to be the answer! :) Thanks for the help Tom's hardware forum dudes and dudettes.
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