Serious power problem!!!

hello my name is Steve. i am having the problem starting my computer. the problem started after i sold my graphics card 9500 GT before that it was completely ok. the problem is that my computer never starts in my first try,, in the verge of "starting windows" it restarts for some 2-3 times as if it is charging or something like that,,. after my windows starts there is no problem at all. the problem is only in that stage. so what can i do now? i use original windows 7 ultimate 32 bit. my Mboard is ASRock G41M vs2. core 2 quad Q9550, 4GB RAM, 1.5 GB internal graphics. Can anyone help me with the permanent solution with this one??Please................
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  1. ok, first of all, why did u sell ur 9500gt?
    did you, in the bios, select the onboard video as the primary video card
    do you overclock?
    do you have the drivers for the motherboard properly installed?
    did u try a repair install of windows?
    and what psu do you have?
    and did you build this pc yourself?
  2. i sold it coz i want to upgrade my graphics card to best one i can get.(suggest me one)
    No i did not select anything in bios, it is by default.
    overclock!! what is it i have no idea.( what is overclock please tell me?)
    all the drivers i have installed properly.
    i have tried repairing windows 1 time.
    psu .. i dont know. at the back of power supply 230v is written. if it the psu..
    no i did not build it
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    overclocking is runnign certain components, usually cpu, ram, and grpahics cards, faster than stock speeds.

    you should get the ati radeon 5770 or maybe 5850.
    when u open the side panel of hte computer, what does it say on the power supply label? maybe take a picture of it, and use somehting like imageshack to upload it, then post a link here so we know what psu you have .
    or just tell us the psu model number :P

    \have you tried DRIVEREASY? i just learned about it today, and i tried it out. even the free download version is pretty darn good!
  4. ok my power supply. it is 750w power supply.......
  5. What brand?
  6. exact model and brand
  7. i found the problem!! actually it wasnt the power problem. it was the problem with my RAM. thank u guys and sorry for publishing it in in power supply genre. now i know this kinda error occurs due to RAM problem. M happy :)
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  9. glad it works good now :)
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