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I just do not know how to install the LED fans. From the up of the case comes smth like a main wire, it has 5x Molexs on it. Now, every fan that I got with it has molex, so I can connect them to that "main" wire, but I do not know how would they get power, I connect them to the main wire, thats ok, but how should they get power? Also, every fan has some kind of two "connector" "pin", it has black and red colored wires, what should I do with them?
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  1. This question simplier, how should I install the fans?
  2. i dont have that case, but...
    if the fans have this:

    then you connect it to this:

    ,which comes directly from the psu.
    like this:
  3. Nah, It is more complicated, I`ll try to upload a picture of them, their Molex have just two wires, the yellow and the one next to it. The red and the black wires seperated from them, and they are not on a molex.

    So they have one Molex with a yellow and black? color wires.
    And they have the red and black wires on a seperate connector, like this one, just without the yellow wire.
  4. to upload a picture:
  5. ok the 3pin connector goes to ur mobo. you can just connect it, you dont need to connect both molex and 3pin. so leave the molex disconnected
  6. But it is just two pin, and it wont fit my mobo. Just a red and black wire goes to it.
    So I think that that one is the LED, and the two pin (yellow+black) is the fan.

    I have connected the two pin molex to my PSU, and therefore the LED wont turn on, so the seperate red and black is connector is the LED, those are connected up to the control panel.
  7. i doubt it

    edit: i think ur right! :)
  8. It is pretty hard to explain it, and I have not found any guide how to install those.
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