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I'm trying to overclock my sapphire hd 7950 that came with an overclock of 925/1250. However, when I stress my GPU after applying an overclock, the sensors in GPU-Z never show it going past 850 Mhz on the core. Without any overclock, it does run at 925 MHz core. The memory does stay at 1250, but that is the standard memory clock for the 7950. How can I overclock it and get it past 850 Mhz core? I doubt the power supply is the issues, since I have a Corsair TX650.
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  1. Hi,

    What program are you using to overclock?

    Have you tried MSI Afterburner or Sapphire Trixx?
  2. I've been using MSI Afterburner
  3. What does CCC or MSI AB say the clock speeds are when you've applied the O/C?

    Do you have the latest version of GPU-Z

    I'd also try uninstalling and re-installing GPU-Z and MSI AB and make sure "graphics overdrive" is disabled in CCC.

    If that fails then try Sapphire Trixx.
  4. What do you mean by "graphics overdrive?" I assume that is referring to "AMD Overdrive" in CCC, and I haven't been using it.

    I've reinstalled GPU-Z and MSI AB, when I overclock MSI AB and the "Graphics Card" tab of GPU-Z both say 1000 MHz core, but the sensor says 850 MHz core.

    I've been stressing with FurMark, after updating MSI AB the core clock speed did go up to 1000 MHz according to it, but as soon as the actual benchmark started it went back down to 850 MHz. Is FurMark the problem? I just barely installed the latest version.

    I also tried it with Sapphire Trixx and I got the same results, except the clock speed was never at 1000 MHz.
  5. Try in some different apps/games, maybe it's just a problem with Furmark.
  6. I ran the Metro 2033 benchmark and GPU-Z said that it stayed at 1000 MHz most of the time, but it would occasionally throttle down to 850 MHz. Is that just because it wasn't being stressed as much at those times? (I was running the benchmark at a resolution of 1024x768)
  7. Did you increase Power control settings in AMD overdrive to +20%
    You need to increase power for higher clocks
  8. miki_x1 said:
    Did you increase Power control settings in AMD overdrive to +20%
    You need to increase power for higher clocks

    Are you sure I need to do that? Every tutorial I've seen doesn't involve that.
  9. You need to raise power target because of higher clocks. For example if yours card has a power target of 200w and you raise frequency from 925 to 1000 it requires more power, so if you have it at 0% it will jump from 1000Mhz to 925 and back to keep it under 200w. To overclock AMD card i first raise power to 20% in AMD overdrive than use MSI Afterburner to raise clocks. I reccomend using HWiNFO64 for monitoring.
  10. Ok, thanks, i'll try that.
  11. I would try ASUS GPU Tweak it has Power target built in not sure about MSI Afterburner
  12. MSI AB does have the power tweak.

    I haven't changed any of the voltage settings, 1150/1500 maxes at 64 C. Is that stable? I haven't tried any games yet, but I've run the heaven benchmark and 3dmark11, neither crashed.
  13. I have sapphire radeon 7950, using MSI afterburner the highest temperature i have ever seen it go up to is 74C while playing bf3. This seems rather high to me considering i am only at 1000mhz core and stock memory speed. I than switched to radeonpro and used that to overclock my card and all my temperatures have been much much lower and i have no idea why. The highest ive seen my temps in bf3 since is 66C (62C being average) at the same 1000mhz core speed. To reply to your concern about the core speed throttling i would highly reccomend the newest version of radeonpro, it offers the option under overdrive tab "always use the highest clocks when gaming" so the whole time your game is running it will run at 1000mhz (or whatever u have it set to). Use this and you can enjoy the speed you paid for (i dont know why they do not offer a more solid option of disabling the boost/throttle feature, we dont pay thousands of dollars for a gaming pc just to be eco-friendly/green just to allow one blade of grass in the forest to grow half centimeter taller) It should have two speeds, full and idle. Have you ever looked at the graph while gaming of the throttling feature? I dont understand how hundreds of core speed/voltage adjustments a second could be beneficial while gaming.
  14. HI was just going thru the thread I have done a lot of testing on 7950 OC and found this :-

    that the card throttles when it is hungry for voltage or TDP is low u will have to balance both to stop it from throttling. even if you are running furmark or heavens benchmark u can check GPU-Z or MSI AB that your core clock is jumping. That shows unstabilty in overclock. Core clock and memory clock should stay stable
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