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As of now I'm deployed and wont be able to buy the parts and build the computer for another 6 months. However I decided to start searching and reviewing the parts I'd want. Money isn't an issue here, really I just want a computer that I wont have to upgrade for a while to come and that I can play video games on. Another issue is recording music, of which I've opted for the Intel I7 extreme for programs like ableton and other music editing/recording programs that I may find and like in the future.

Mother Board - asus p6x58D Prem - From what I've read this has the best solution to sata III/USB 3.

Processor - Intel core i7 Extreme - Like I said, if it wasnt for the music programs I'd probably just opt for an AMD. Though Im not sure how much programs like ableton use a processor, I know I've come to times where my laptop definitely has problems with it.

Video Card - Nvidia GeForce GTX 480 x2 - Im stuck between both cards, the nvidia and radeon's 5870 both seem very nice. The reviews I've seen all show the 480 as the much faster card..

Sound Card - Creative x-fi fatal1ty champ.

Case - Antec 1200/900

SSD - Really need help here. I was looking at newegg that has a set of SSD from crucial that utilize the sata III, 600$ now which in 6 months should drop. But as of now I cant really find too much for sata III.

Hard Drive - 2TB

Cooling System - Also really need help. From what I've read so far the Indigo extreme seems to be nice, but what kind of cooling system I should look for.

Power Supply - Antec Truepower Quatro,

Ram - 6-8 GB Theres so many more brands than there were when I last built a computer.. I still need to read through and see which are the best these days.. But for now, my eyes are shot so maybe later on today Ill do that.

Like I mentioned, it's been a while since I've really built a gaming computer, back when amd was right up there with intel.. But things have changed and no matter how many reviews I read there are still certain parts I'm iffy about. So any help would be awesome.
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  1. Well considering you have a budget of over $9000, then here's what I advise if you really want to spend an outrageous amount of money on a computer system. (That is, don't buy this unless you have more $ than Bill Gates)

    CPU: Intel Core i7 980X 3.33GHz - $1099.99
    Motherboard: ASUS Rampage III Extreme ~ $400
    (Hasn't been released yet, but... :D)
    RAM: Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 3x2GB X2 2000MHz (12GB total) - $809.98
    (With Core i7 900 you want to run RAM three sticks at a time, e.g. 3GB, 6GB or 12GB)
    Graphics Card: ASUS Ares RoG HD 5970 4GB GDDR5 in CrossFireX ~ $2000
    (Haven't been released yet, but these things are godly, hence the name Ares)
    SSD: Crucial RealSSD C300 256MB SATA III X2 + Western Digital Velociraptor 600GB 10,000RPM X4 - $2479.94 (
    SSDs will never be 'cheap', anytime soon. First two Crucial RealSSD C300 256GB SATA III in RAID 0. Imagine the speed... As for the secondary HDDs, four Western Digital Velociraptors 600GB 10,000RPM SATA III in RAID 1+0.
    PSU: Corsair HX1000W Modular - $214.99 w/$20 rebate

    Total = $9484.84 w/o case or cooling system.

    But seriously, wouldn't a Core i7 930 + P6X58D Premium + G.Skill Ripjaws 6GB Kit + HD 5870 CrossFireX + 128GB SSD + Samsung Spinpoint F3 + Corsair HX650W be enough?
  2. Any system that is good for gaming should be great for music creation and multi-channel recording. (with correct sw and i/o)
  3. Zoom R16 Multi-Track SD Recorder Interface and Controller

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  4. My advice is to take it easy with researching parts now, as the hardware landscape will have changed a lot in 6 months time.
    And definitely have a look at Thuban when they get released, as they will be much more affordable than the i7 980X and will be plenty powerful for gaming and audio.
  5. If you have access to the "global duty free" catalogues that we did, when I was in the Navy, you can get AMAZING recording equipment for NO MONEY (essentially) and ship it home for your folks to store.

    Sil is absolutely correct ... We WILL be looking at an entirely different product cycle, by this fall, and there will be all sorts of SSD developments and mobo chipset updates (and issues) and there is gonna be a crazy GPU war, this summer ...

    Were I in your position, I would be looking into smaller, higher cost recording equipment ... world class, high quality recording microphones ... Multi-pattern, vertical format condensers and tube mikes ... Highest quality analogue/digital mixer (24 channel 4-bus portable onyx type) ...

    ... If you are deployed on a military base, you can get one of these and start collecting cool sound effects (aircraft, training and drills, alerts, etc.) ... I wish I had one aboard ship.

    And ... A matched pair of these guys ...

    This ....

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