Memory Recommendations - Sabertooth x58

I'm having the same issue that a lot of people seem to be having with this particular board.

I would like to find more information on using the absolute best memory for this board.

Also... As I seem to have this problem in other places...I feel the need to throw this out there.... :sweat:

:non: I DON'T need judgmental comments on whether or not this board was a good choice, either. I already know that this board was the PERFECT choice for me. It's got excellent, high-grade, MILSPEC-rated components put together by a reputable company. (It even comes with a cardboard sheet that gives you the MILSPEC test nomenclatures - which having been through rigorous training in communications with the US ARMY as a 31-U/L, I am actually familiar with these nomenclatures and was quite enthused to find this information included with the motherboard.)

There is NO need to question this board's validity for any application unless one is intending to use more than two graphics cards. I am only planning for two as that is more than sufficient for nearly any application.

That said... :sol:

I would like to find more information on the best memory for this board.

Not just " Ho-hum... That's OK memory. :sarcastic: "I'm talking TIGHT TIMING at the best frequency. (I'm sure that there will have to be a certain level of compromise, of course.)

This board can handle up to DDR3 1866 (PC3 14900). I intend to use the board's full capability.

There is little information on this board out there it seems... Just specs and a few reviews. No real IN-DEPTH info on the best parts for it.

You may also notice that a lot of the "memory configurator" tools on most of the major memory manufacturer web sites don't list this board in their tools. You can find the x55... That doesn't help.

SO... I have looked at plenty of memory and am still a little beside myself on which memory to go with. It'll have to be a triple-channel kit, of course.

I PREFER G.Skill memory. Corsair as a secondary option... Crucial if I must. (They ticked me off a few years back so I have avoided them. I had one Crucial support rep LITERALLY tell me to get F'ed in an email when I asked specific questions and retorted that I did not agree with his answers.)

For obvious reasons, I also prefer that it has good heatsinks on them. (Not just heat spreaders.)

I have also considered memory with higher frequencies than 1866 with decent stock timing...then relaxing the rated frequency to 1866 and tightening the latencies.

I have found one kit that interested me because of it's incredibly tight timings... But it was DDR3 1600. (This is more of an example than an option.)

Please keep in mind that this is my first from-the-ground-up build with all new parts in 7 years. (Been a rough last 7 years...) I'm a little behind the curve. I'm going on the principles that applied a few years ago. It's starting to seem to me like things have changed a little. If you think that I have skewed views that need updating then please feel free to educate me.

Alright folks... I've got to go to my second job now... (Specifically working a second job for this endeavor. LOL!)

Please give me some good information. Whatever you've got! I'll have my Samsung Fascinate on me so I'll likely see your answers within the hour and may respond. I'll appreciate any legitimate, helpful responses I get! :sol:

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  1. Sooo... Any takers?

    Did I say too much? :P
  2. Hi cyrythewolf and welcome to Tom's forum.

    What CPU you want use with that mobo? If you want avoid possible problems, go here: and buy one of the QVL kits RAM.

    The RAM that u want is very good, but isn't sure that works fine and at rated speeds.

    And check this too:
  3. There's no reason that RAM will not work with your motherboard. But strangely enough the GSKILL site mentions that Sabertooth is not supported.
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