How to power up a PC without using case switch on button

I have a desktop thatmight have a faulty power up switch on the case, but I am not sure. I press the power on button, but nothing happens. Is there a way to power up the computer by bridging the pins on the motherboard?

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  1. Temporarily short the 2 pins where the power switch is connected.
  2. hye i might have the same problem

    how do i 'short' it?
  3. Trace the two wires from power on button to the set of headers on the motherboard (usually at the bottom near the USB and Firewire headers). Remove the wire connectors, get a small screw driver or metal based object of that size and touch both the connectors on the header that the two wires were previously plugged into. That should do it.
  4. will this damage my motherboard or any other components?
  5. Not more than pressing the power button.
  6. Shorting those 2 pins together is exactly what the pushbutton on the front panel does. The connection needs to be only about a second long, then remove the short to keep running.

    If that does not get your machine started, the pushbutton may not be the problem. Reconnect its leads to the mobo pinout. Now try this. Unplug the power cord from the back of your machine, OR turn off the power switch beside it on the PSU body. Leave the power off like this for at least a couple of minutes, maybe even 5. Then reconnect power or turn on the switch, and try the front pushbutton press again. This complete power-off sequence (with time for the PSU's capacitors to discharge to zero output) sometimes will allow a mobo to do a true "cold reset" and it works again.
  7. refer your mother board manual. there will be a JFP1 pins . normally the pin8 and pin 6 are the power cables. sort them
  8. Do I need to touch both pins or will any one suffice?

    Also, what if my metal thing(or me) has static electricity in it? How do I remove it?
  9. Not working still
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