Graphics card problem? / GT 240?

Hi guys,

i was trying to install windows 7 ( was going to format my hd ), its all sorted now but at one point i had reset my computer (this was before trying to install w7) and i had lots of green and other coloured lines going through my screen, i tried to reset it a couple more times and now when ever i have the monitor attached to my gt 240 the screen is so dark you cannot see anything, alot of the images are disorientated and fuzzy, the screen seems to be a very dark bluey/purple colour, i plugged my monitor into the on board video display on my motherboard and NOTHING came up at all, i then removed my GT 240 and then tryed and the image is working perfectly, i have NO idea what is wrong, i recently ordered a ati 3870x2 which should be here tomo but after having a little think, im guessing my vga port on my graphics card might of died because i do not use DVI.., i will recieve a dvi connector tomo with my new graphics card so i will let you guys know if thats the problem, other than that i cannot think of anything else, if any of you might know whats up please do say, im willing to try everything. Thanks again.
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  1. So you reseated the GT 240 and it works normally? Sounds like it got loose from its slot and caused the stuttered image. It shouldn't be a problem as long as it doesn't show up again.
  2. nono but thank you very much i think i just found out what happened xD, it does it everytime i put the GT 240 in, but i think you just helped me out alot, there was no screw holding down the gt 240 so im guessing it must of come loose and came out of the pci-e slot a little and screwed the card up.. lesson learnt, thanks mate :)
  3. Is it working fine now?
  4. um no its still messed and screwed haha, im just using onboard at the moment i get my new graphics card tomo :P
  5. I see... well, if your new card still have issues with the PCI-e slot, check to see if there are any dust particles trapped within the a slot. Use a pressured air can to blow out any dust from it. If the problems persists, the slot and/or mobo might be damaged.
  6. Ok, thanks very much for your info and help :), il let you know tomo ;), thx again.
  7. Does your mobo require changing a BIOS setting to switch from onboard video to using a graphics card? If so, did you?
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