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Hey all thanks for stopping by...I have a Dell Dimension C521 and have a couple quick questions. First off, the case on this PC is broken, by that I mean I bought a videocard but after attaching it into the machine there was nothing to screw the card into as the pieces normally are gone.....And second I was reading on this forum that I can upgrade the CPU to Athlon 64 X2 6000+ works according to this thread http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/263746-28-dimension-c521-upgrade so I am looking for confirmation on this. Also can someone recommend me what to do about this case?

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  1. so this is your case:?

    theres nothinhg to screw to. that blue piece clicks in and holds the cards in
  2. you should be fine with the better cpu. what is in there right now?

    in general, since those dont have the best cooling, i would suggest get something like this:
  3. that blue piece is what's missing....might have done a DVD ROM upgrade in the past and took it out for something, not sure why....As far as the CPU I have this in my box: AMD Sempron 3400+ 1.80GHz. 3GB of memory and a 400GB hard drive....HELP
  4. ok well the newer cpu will have a higher TDP (more heat),
    so cooling may be a problem. the added amount of heat + dell crap cooling = maybe a problem. thats why i think you should get the pci slot fan. also to help cool your card.
    as for the part, try ordering one from dell. or look to see if you can use screws after all.
  5. Cant use screws and Dell doesnt have that particular part. So maybe Macguyver is the way to go?
  6. whats macguyver?
  7. Basically buy a zip tie and after installing a new card zip tie it into the machine to the side in hopes that it will hold the card in place so it doesnt wobble. Or is it possible to buy a mid tower and move the parts to that case?
  8. no cuz its dell propreitary mobo and psu
  9. ummmm...well what to do?
  10. to do :)
  11. To Do What?
  12. no clue :)
    buy a new computer :) LOL xD
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