I need ur pro opinion :)

Goodmorning to Tom's community, , some first words, i want to thank you for all ur advices and reviews for the hardwares i was into purchasing, u helped me big time by picking the right stuff for me, i appriciate ur guidness and ur kindess to this matter.

Ok lets get into the point of my problem,

in some days i will have in my hands these hardwares: Sabertooth 990FX AM3+(mobo) - HiS Radeon HD7950 IceQ x2 Boost clock - Kingston HyperX 3k SSD and 4x4GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance (1866mhz 9-10-9-27)

U will notice that i upgrade a lot in my system and ofc im a great fan of overclocking but still an amatuer.

My current system is ASUS M5A78L LE(mobo)- AMD FX4100(oc 4.0Ghz) - Asus Radeon HD7750 - 2X4GB Kingston 9CL 1600mhz and a normal HDD7200RPM.

Ok now my main question is this: I have a 550w corsair PSU I think its VW550W or VS550W
and i wanted to know if with this PSU ill be able to overclock the HD7950 to a stable 1.100mhz the core and 1500mhz the mem and if i can still keep the 4.0Ghz oc on my CPU.

Some other infos if they help you to help me is that i also have 1 pci WLan card to be able to connect to the wifi and a DVD-Dual Layer RW and my case has like 1 or 2 80mm fans.

I understand that maybe ill have a problem and ofc i wanted to get a 650W psu at least but i just cant affort it right now (spended like 800euro for the new hardware), in 2 months ill spend another big pack of money for a good case with more fans maybe water cooling and a very good PSU.

I must say that with some searching around the web i felt into extreme.outervision site witch calculates the watts from a system, but i cant tell if its 100% accurate i dont know it , it gives me an about 360watts overall, and i wonder the rest 190 watts not able to oc the Radeon HD7950 to 1.1mhz from 950mhz that comes from factor. I also saw reviews witch they say that this card eats like 350+watts when overclocked to 1.2ghz but i doubt if ill reach these clocks, i was never lucky with overclocks , only things that works perfect so far is my FX4100 from 3.6ghz to 4.0Ghz without an increase in voltage at all and im just happy with it :D.

Im really into hearing ur wise opinions but bare in mind i cant affort another PSU atm , that means i have to stay at factor clocks and not able to oc proper? or i can try it out ?

Best Regards Jim from Greece and thanks in advance! :bounce:
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  1. I would say your PSU will do fine as it has 498w on the 12v rail

    +3.3V@30A, +5V@20A, +12V@41A, -12V@0.8A, +5VSB@3A

    Unless you somehow add 160w with the OC you should be fine

    if you're really worried about power consumption, you drop down to a 7870XT

    The 7950 Boost is at 950mhz (this is the exact same model as your AFAIK)

    Normal draws for a non-oc fx4100 total system draw, haven't been able to find ones on just cpu or on an oc one

    Looking at this you're gonna hit about 315W, so you got lots of OC power consumption room
  2. Thanks for the fast reply Stickmansam, ima post those pics so i can provide u with info so u can tell me for sure if im able to have a stable system ,

    this guy achieved 1.200mhz on core and 1.500mhz the memory, i would have be more than happy with this achievment and very greatfull about my vga , but u think with the 498watts out of my VW550W corsair ill be able to handle it>?
  3. its just im confused cuz in many reviews i saw on the internet they had diff amount of watts drained on peak and oc versions, ull say me that the best thing to do is to test it myself when ill have them in my hands, but i dont want to burn anything out of my stupidity, cuz i wont be able to affort anything else for at least 2 months, im all broke after these purchases :D
  4. First i wanted to take the Asus HD 7870 DC2GT version with comes at 1.1ghz core and 1.250mhz the memory but when i saw the reviews for HiS HD7950 iceq x2 i said wtf why not to spend 50 euro more for better technology and high end card? tho im not gona upgrade anything for long long time, just my CPU that im sure gona take an FX8350 in 2 months along with other hardware i stated in last post.
  5. Each card behaves differently when OC due to binning, this si the ASIC value you can find in GPU-Z

    AFARIK, the AMD 7xxx cards will self throttle if they can't draw enough power, happened to a friend with 2x OC 7970 (1250mhz) with i5 2500k 4.5ghz with 502W on the 12v rail

    I am sure unless the fx4100/fx8350 is a total power hog, you won't run into power issues
  6. :wahoo: Aight Stickmansam :D

    Thank you loads for ur quick replies and guidness , i hope everything works out good in the end :D

    Best community ever keep it up guys and i hope i learn a lot from you, im rly into these things and i wish the best to all of you :wahoo:

    Best Regards!

    (solved i think :P)
  7. Have fun with your rig :)
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