My memory confusion!?

Hi guys, I seek the opinions, advice and wisdom of you guys who actually know what youre doing :D

my question or concern is this...i set a price range for all the pc components for a build and I feel i put together a good pc that isnt over the top, priced well and will fit my needs. my question is this...

I set a budget of around 150ish (u.s.) for my ddr3 duel channel and this is a gaming pc. I know conventional wisdom says that 4gb for a gaming pc is cool if its amd based and thats what i was looking for. a couple months ago I saw a ton of 4gb sets in that price that i have the money i see very few, infact i thought it was good news, they all dropped by alot of money now those sets are closer to the 100 buck range then the 150 range great right?

this is where I was confused on what to do....

ok so now in the 150 range i saw many new choices most of which were 8gbs in 4x2 sticks....its more then i need but the value in my opinion just has me thinking why not? what i am not sure of is do i get the formerly high end 4gbs or what 8gbs in 2 sticks? even if its a good deal for gaming memory id get 8gbs in 4 sticks...they will go on this mobo.

please wise ones help my head stop the 150ish range what do i get? or do i get something cheaper but better at 4gbs? grrr! thanks in advance guys.

oh and i know some of you guys are sticklers for info so its going to have an x4 970 and a 6870.
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    The price is the same. Go for two 4 gb sticks of ddr3. I wouldn't pay a premium for 1600 since many of the 1333 sticks will run at this speed. Make sure your board has voltage adjustments for the ram; download the motherboard manual before ordering and check the settings.
  2. yeah...i was sorta thinking that if i pay more i actually get less but with so many options it just gave me a headache. ... thanks.
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