30GB Used, but unfound data?


I'm using a "SSD 240GB 520/550 Force3 25nm SA3 COR"
That's 240GB of SSD storage. Of course they steal some from it.. so it leaves me with 223GB.
But now, i currently have
105 GB Left
118 GB Used (According to properties)
85 GB actually in it.

If i open C:// with all hidden maps shown, i select them all, turning out to be a total of 85 GB, so where actually is that 30GB? Or am i completely stupid right now?
That 30GB kinda does matter, since it's SSD :P
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  1. Hello,

    I suggest reading this great article:


    It might be your hibernate is on/page file...etc.

    BTW hibernate takes up the amount of RAM you have and dumps it on your SSD. So if you have 16GB of RAM - it will take up 16GB on your SSD.
  2. Download windirstat. This is a great tool to see where everything is located on your hard drive. In fact, this is how I found out about the page file and hibernate file. Those things are big.
  3. For SSDs it is recommended that you disable hibernation, and yes as Chainzsaw indicated it places a dot sys file and Normally it is at the end of the partition (create a problem when trying to shrink a partition thru windows).
    On page file, Always set Min and max to the same size. Windows expands and shrinks this file on the fly when set to auto. Windows normally sets this to about 1.5 x RAM, so with 4 gigs it set it to around 6 gigs and for 8 gigs it can be 12 gigs.
    1) With 8 or more gigs of Ram, I set Min and Max to 1024 mb. You can go lower and then raise if By some odd chance you ever get a "out of Memmory" error. If By chance you only have 4 gigs of ram, try setting min/max to 2048 mbs
    2) In your case I would not, But you can off load this to the HDD. Slight performance hit and with a 240 G SSD, don't think you will miss 1 Gig.

    Bottom Line, is doing just these two things, and if you had 8 gigs of RAM, you could save upto 27->28 gigs disk space.
  4. My full specs are:
    Intel Core i7 3770K
    Asus Sabertooth z77
    16GB G.skill @ 2133
    Gainward Phantom GTX 680 4gb
    Corsair SSD 240GB 520/550 Force3 25nm SA3 COR
    with Windows 7 Proffesional 64 bit

    That's pretty much anything that might matter..
    I'm not at home right now, i will try the windirstat tool at home. And i will disable hibernate, since i hardly use it. Shutdown and boot with SSD is fast enough.
    But if u have any other tips to try?
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