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I am in China, want to build first computer- for gaming- with son. I am looking for
1) a chart for compatible mobo's, chips, other components (ram, vid card), since I will have to get the best offered locally, and
2) advice
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    Hello DR;

    I don't know of any single chart like you seem to be asking for - but take a look at what's on offer around here:
    Homebuilt PC Buying Guide
    *Guide to Choosing Parts*
    Recommended Builds by Usage
    Those guides should get you started in the right direction.

    When you're ready to choose your parts you might want to visit the Systems- New Build section of the forum and ask for a review of your parts choices: *How To Ask For New Build Advice*
  2. wr2: thank you.

    I may have few options here, and I will be easy to fool if I do not have some info at my fingertips.

    this whole build thing should be fun. i have read various sites on steps and things to be alert/careful.
  3. You're welcome.

    It can be a lot of fun, interesting and educational too.
    Here is a forum topic that mentions some of the things you want to double check before you finish your building project.
  4. this next question may need to be somewhere else, but since related to above, will put here:

    intel e5300 dual core, Asus P5P41C motherboard, G'force 240 w/ 1gig ram, 2 gig ddr3 1333, 7200rpm 500g/ Sata hard drive, power, case, dvd read/write: $400

    do these seem to be decent for a first build average gaming machine?

    I will not be offended at all and welcome any/all comments. I put off buying till I could get some feedback here.

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