So I purchased a asus crosshair v mobo with a amd 8120 processor, installed those both last night oh also 1866ghz 8gb gskill sniper RAM. All i did was use same power supply, same ssd, same vid card, swapped it over and everything was good to go. Now today i try to clear space off my ssd because the tiny little 120gb is maxed comes my first i tried to delete small things to get minor space but got nothing, then i started to clear some larger programs off and disk space didnt increase. Eventually i went ape *** and deleted EVERYTHING except my antivirus and essentials, some programs were 3gb a piece but after all was said and done i only have 5gb clear? i need to free up 15gb for d3 but i literally have nothing else to remove, i have a feeling theres is some form of compaibilty issue or something im not understanding about clearing disk space on an ssd??? Im completely confused and have no idea what to do, my computer is bare and i still have no disk space. I also ran c cleaner to remove all my temp files and such....still no help my ssd is a corsair force gt 120gb please help meeeeeeeeeee
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  1. try turning off system restore.
    control panel/system/advanced system settings/system properties
    click on your SSD there and hit "configure" you can trun off the System restore here.
  2. download the program space sniffer. It helped me clear my ssd up pretty nicely there are hidden files like virtual memory, hibernation file, and system backups that probably take about 10 GB at least. This program gives a visual representation of all the space allocated n the drive
  3. Empty the recycle bin?
  4. You changed MB's recommend a reinstall of OS.

    Baring that:
    .. Have you turned of Hibernation ( Uses space = to ram, for You thats 8 gigs)
    .. Have you set page file min/max to the same value, 1024 mbs (will save about 11 gigs)
    .. Disable restore points, Or limit the space they can use - Over time this space can get hugh.

    If you had Hibernation on and turn it off, or turn off (or Limit space) for restore points, reboot and run disk cleanup.
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