1680x1050 - 5770 or 5850?

Hey all, thanks for visiting my thread! I'm going to get a new gpu soon, and I wanted to know what would be better for my resolution: Hd5770 or 5850?

1680x1050 - 22'' monitor
i5 750
4Gb Ddr3

Thanks a lot!
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  1. I've been told that the 5770 is more than enough for 1680x1050, the forum recommended 5750 for my build which is similar to yours
    Here's the link to the thread:
  2. not this *** again

    games today might run well at that res on a set card but next gen/newer games will not - YOU DONT PICK A CARD DEPENDANT ON RESOLUTION

    if you can afford a 5850 get it, otherwise get yourself a 5770 - simple.
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    If you get the 5770 and you run current games (or even older ones like FarCry2) at that res with max settings and at ideally 4xAA and can't get playable frame rates that don't drop below 30fps

    you will be thinking about the 5850 you could have been running without having to think about tweaking games to make them run right ;)

    let alone future games...
  4. if you want to run future dx11 games with high setttings i advise you to get the 5850, my 5850 is struggling with metro 2033 on max settings with 1280x1024 res hehe and its overclocked to 950/1250 :)
  5. Thanks for the help! 5850 it is, then!
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  7. Thanks, enjoy whichever card you select too ^^


    I really liked my Asus 5850 for its out of the box OCing with ability to alter the GPU voltage. Mine went from stock 725core/4000mem 1.087v to 913/4800 on 1.2v

    They all can be OC'd but some take more fiddlying about with. Most like to use MSI Afterburner (need to modify its config file with "enableunofficialoverclocking set to 1")

    Also all the major card brands are "just" releasing (most during this month) refresh models with new game bundles like :

    Powercolor ATI Radeon HD 5850 PCS+ "CODMW2 Edition" (also Dirt 2 with it) £234.99 or $352.96

    Am not a fan of Powercolor but is a great deal with both those games at that price!
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