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hey guys i have an intel pen 4 mobo with 2.4ghz at 2400 mhz and i get this message saying cpu fan failed shutting down in 5 seconds oh by the way i have windows xp and the mobo is in a hpabout 4 yrs old how can i change that so i dont have too go in and save and exit just to jump past that screen
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  1. Sounds like your CPU fan has failed (or is failing). You can replace that fan and keep the old heatsink attached to the CPU, - or- get a new heatsink/fan combo and install it, -or- if the current fan is actually working, you "may" (depends on your BIOS) be able to disable the warning by disabling that alarm in BIOS (usually in the power management section of a typical BIOS).

    My suggestion it to replace the current heatsink/fan with a new, more reliable and efficient unit. Is this a Socket 775 or Socket 478 system?
  2. Hello,

    Try opening your case and wipping away all the dust (on the cards and on the fans, unplug the power cord from the wall before doing it, and discharge any static you might have on you by touching the case before anything else). Try to locate where the CPU fan is connected to the motherboard, then unplug it and wipe the dust off around that place. Then replug your fan again. If you're lucky, it will work. If not, get a new fan.

    Good luck,
  3. sorry its not he cpu fan its the system fan this pc doesnt have a cpu fan just a system fan
  4. What make and model PC are you using? Is it a Dell, by chance? If so, go to, they will likely have the fan you need. Good luck!
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