Running DX11 on a DX10 GPU??

Hey guys, new to Toms Hardware, hows it going?

Now down to business:

Recently, the 196.75 drivers murdered my poor 9800GT in my Gateway rig. Barely being able to use it without crashing now, I have been looking at new graphics cards. Don't worry, Im not going to ask if Directx11 is worth the upgrade and blah blah blah, I can make those decisions on my own. I AM however confused greatly this morning. I was messing around with my computer trying to figure out to exact capabilities of my old 9800, so I could make an informed purchase for an upgrade/replacement, when I typed in Dxdiag in the Run program. I am and have been under the assumption I was running DirectX 10 on my system, especially considering:

A: I never remember ever seeing/downloading anything to do with DX11
B:My card is not a DX11 Card
C: After shopping for a replacement, I find myself under the assumption that DX11 is only available on ATI cards, and I have an Nvidia card

The little box that comes up when I type in Dxdiag is telling me otherwise. It says my current version is, in fact DirectX 11.
So this creates many questions for me, and I would be very thankful if you guys could answer any/all for me.

1. Am I really running Directx11? Is it at its full capabilities, or is that what I would need a DX11 Card for, to fully utilize its features, like in Battlefield Bad Company 2 for instance.

2. Assuming I am running DX11, can I buy a cheaper GPU listed under a DX10 or 10.1 max, and still use DX11 in that game??

3. Has anyone heard of either Nvidia or EVGA compensating/replacing damaged hardware for their faulty drivers?

Thanks guys!
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  1. you cant run dx11 with a dx10/10.1 GPU so no youre not running dx11. if you want to run dx11 you must buy a ATI 5xxx GPU or the new nvidia GTX 4xx that is going to be released soon.
  2. Ok thats what I thought. Im not questioning you, but why does it say Im running DX11 if its impossible to with my hardware?
  3. maybe because your version of windows is capable of dx11, i dont know :P
  4. When a card (GPU) says "DX11" it's supposed to be able to use DX11 features wich are exclusive to it. So, a DX10 or DX10.1 card won't be able to use those features because the Hardware doesn't have a way to do it (unless you emulate, but that's a no go IMO). Having DX11 installed let's you play with legacy instructions though, so your 9800GT will use the DX10 pipe while under DX11. Windows Seven comes with DX11 if I recall correctly and in Vista you have to download it. Windows XP doens't have anything beyond DX9c.

    So, long story short: If you want to use DX11 capabilities, you need a DX11 card.

  5. If you are running Vista or 7 they both have all of the necessary files for DirectX 11 which means that on the software level you are running DX11, however your hardware restricts you to DX10 which means that you will only be able to play games in up to DX10 mode even though all of the files are there for DX10 or DX11. WHen DXDIAG checks it only looks at software level not hardware level support for the directX version.
  6. I just installed Windows 7 64-bit on my new build and I didn't have DX11, I still don't have DX 11 I have DX 10 on there for the meantime until I get the Radeon 5770
  7. Ok, thank you guys. I knew I was making it more difficult than it had to be, I just didnt think it would say DX11 unless I could rully use it :-). And I guess it wither came with Vista64, or with SP2, because Ive had this rig since Aug 08, and haven't ever messed with the DX on it.

    Again, thanks guys.
  8. Now, what'd be cool is making DirectX 11 features using OpenCL on DX 10 cards. It'd be slow but cool imo
  9. I guess this would be better fit for another topic/forum, but while we're on the subject:

  10. Its due to your Windows 7 which supports full directX 11 not due to your GPU.My GTS 250 which is rebranded 9800GT also shows DirectX11 under Dxdiag in Windows 7 but my gpu is not DX 11 supported.
  11. Carlton024 said:
    I guess this would be better fit for another topic/forum, but while we're on the subject:


    Open Computing Language. Similar to CUDA and ATI Stream, it's for doing General Purpose coding on GPU's (GPGPU). You could do the tessellation calculations manually on that and then apply that some how to what you're doing in DX 10.
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