Eyefinity vs. Nvidia 3d

Which would you rather have? I think I would prefer the nvidia 3d. I don't think the eyefinity is anything special. Just more screen you can't really stare at without taking your attention off of others especially in FPS games online. 3D aspect just sounds like massive fun though.
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  1. i think the question fits more in the Graphics forum
  2. Considering they're totally different technologies you can't exactly compare them, can you.

    Nvidia 3D doesn't mean *** to me because I use multiple screens for my work - Eyefinity gaming is just an extra feature, not the entire point of the technology.
    Eyefinity doesn't mean *** to my brother because he loves all the latest gaming toys.
  3. I'd vote for 3D, since I wanna watch Avatar in 3D when the BD version is released :P.. I have a wall-mounted Pioneer 50" plasma about 4 ft. from my desk, as a gaming monitor, so I don't really need multiple screens for that 'total immersion' effect.

    I don't think I could get used to multiple screens until they make them without a bezel, for a seamless transition from one to the next.

    Of course, ideally we'll get Eyefinity + 3D with bezel-less monitors eventually..
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  5. I'd prefer eyefinity just because of the versatility. Honestly, I don't see the interest in 3d, i went and saw alice in wonderland in 3d and that's not at all how we see things, so its not really appealing to me.

    now, also being a programmer and a person that uses media creation programs a lot, i'd prefer eyefinity because of the extra space it gives you to work with. Down side is that its expensive
  6. I'd prefer Eyefinity becuase I could run it on ATI hardware.

    But if I could run 3D on ATI, I would still chose Eyefinity because current 3D sucks.
  7. With the new release of the 10.3 (scroll to the bottom) driver, ATI's cards just got support for stereoscopic 3D imaging. So you would probably have to have a super beefy card for this but you could potentially have a three monitor eyefinity with 3D. Pure awesome!
  8. i would prefer eyefinity for gaming, then when not gaming and programming i can have multiple sources open

    i would also rotate the displays 90 degrees to keep the aspect ratio when gaming and have more vertical res for viewing source code
  9. and i also don't believe you can't see the other screens without getting distracted in FPS's. It's called peripheral vision
  10. well i can honestly tell you that after playing dragon age in eyefinity 5760 x 1080... well i can't tell you because it's just something you gotta see to believe.
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