Monitor wont come on. need help.

I had got a computer. i was a ECS A740GM-M(motherboard) in a emachine case. well i wiped it out insntalled win xp. its all good. then go to turn on one day and the monitor dosent turn on stay's in standby mode. well some one told me it may be my power supply. so i got a new case and power supply. same thing. monitor wont tutrn on. everything else seens to boot up fine, no beep codes. i cleaned and reseated , video card, memory. im stumped, so if some one has any help or information. would be great. thanks
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  1. Have you tried plugging your monitor into some other (known good) computer?
  2. yes monitor is fine. tryed reseting CMOS as well. still nothing. any more possible solutions.?? lmk thanks
  3. Then I'd suspect your graphics card or whatever it is that is being used.

    If you're using a discrete card sometimes the integrated motherboard graphics can become stuck to active so you may want to try plugging it into that or clearing the CMOS.
  4. ive tryed the one one the MB and ive cleared the CMOS still nothing. pluged video card into another computer and it worked fine. any other posible solutions?lmk please thanks.
  5. So you have absolutely proven that BOTH the discreet video card and the monitor work perfectly on other systems. ..

    ... You then re-installed both on the problem system and AGAIN they did not work ?

    ... Off hand ... I would say it is something other than the GPU or the monitor !

    ... Are there any othe VGA/DVI/HDMI video type ports, on the back panel, other than those which belong to the discreet video card ?

    = Alvin =
  6. yes. yes and just the vga and dvi ports on back.
  7. Adam_M said:
    yes. yes and just the vga and dvi ports on back.

    ... are you messing with me ??

    ... "on back" of WHAT ?!?

    = Al =
  8. oh very sorry. on the back of mother board. there are vga and dvi ports.
  9. Is the system POSTing? Do you get the single short beep of a successful POST? Do you even have an internal case speaker installed?

    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:

    Work through the list and procedures.
  10. yes there is a internal speaker, and is hooked up. no there is no initial beep of system posting. what could that mean? lmk thanks
  11. Is your CPU cooler fan spinning when power is on ??
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