GOOD Psu for hd4890 single card

Hello everyone , need your advise on PSU. Im upgrading my GPU for Powercolor hd4890 oc.
can you guys advice me the best PSU within my budget for the item. After using the Extremeversion PSU calcullator currently im thinking a couple of unit for the PSU

1. Silver Stone (ST50F) 500W
2. Gigabyte 720w
3. Xigmatek (NRP-PC502) 500W 80+ Bronze
3. Cooler Master Extreme Power 650W
4. Thermaltake TR2-550w

this is the psu thats well within my budget & reach(selling in my country). ive done a lot of research but couldnt really find out if those psu mention above would power up my RIG. as in my country theres no 30days money back policy.

(core2duoE7500 , 2x2gbddr2ram , 2xhdd , 1 dvdrw , ) rig speq is very minimal :pt1cable:
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  1. 1. Silver Stone (ST50F) 500W fsp
    2. Gigabyte 720w acbel
    3. Xigmatek (NRP-PC502) 500W 80+ Bronze also looks like channel well maybe okish not too sure
    3. Cooler Master Extreme Power 650W seventeam
    4. Thermaltake TR2-550w is okish channel well tech

    where you from
  2. raise your budget to some extent and get a corsair 550vx.I promise you won't regret.though xigmatek and thermaltake are fine if you still want to stay in your budget.
    but i recommend you to not to see budget in case of such a crucial component and for sake of for such a high end card.(i have learned this thing from this forum).the corsair 550vx could even go 600w easily.
  3. ey im from Malaysia. well the gpu is selling at $MYR690 in my country and the budget for PSU is around $MYR250 thats already close to a thousand . Well you mention the corsair its selling at $MYR440 darn. sorry not enuff budget for that though.
    the one`s i listed is the group of item that i can afford. can the above mentioned item POWER UP my rig. anyway thanks for ur comment.
  4. hello , how about Cooler Master GX 550W Series Single +12V Rail Power Supply
    or the Cooler Master GX 650W Series Single +12V Rail Power Supply
  5. All of them are big enough. The CM GX series have better specs than most CM PSU's. but jonny does not give the 750watt version good grade
  6. if you have enough $$$ for that grapohics card then you have enough for a corsair 550vx, which is what i would recommend to you.
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