Hey guys,
I have an ok gaming rig that I built, and I was just playing a game and it freezes and bsod's me.... i tried again and it did the same thing... I just got a new 5770 and I had never played on my other gpu, so i don't know if it is the gpu. anyway, any help would be immensely appreciated, it always crashes at the ending of crysis (very last level), the first time you go outside and see the aliens... (damn aliens!) here's my specs...

AMD athlon 6000+ x2 cpu @ 3.0 ghz
standard hp m8200n mobo
4gb ram @667 mhz
500gb hdd @ 7200rpm
ATI RADEON HD 5770 1gb gddr5 by sapphire
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  1. PSU?
  2. Have you installed the latest drivers from ATI? Is the GPU possibly running hot? Did you check the system logs? Does it state what is causing the kernel panic (specific driver etc...)?

    If you haven't done so, d/l the latest version of catalyst control center, too. It will let you watch the temps the GPU.
  3. If it has the std HP PSU it can be as simple as power issue.
  4. Nah, I swapped it out for a different psu... the original was 350w
  5. BUMP
  6. Since you just installed a new card recently, first thing that comes to mind is a driver problem -- like, did you uninstall all traces of the old card's driver (especially if it was an Nvidia card?) If there's a new problem after a recent change, always check out things related to that change first.

    The two other things that come to mind for repeated freezing in a specific place are a PSU problem (overloaded at a particularly taxing point in the game), or a faulty RAM stick (same point in the game calls on the same bad RAM sector every time and causes a crash).

    Based on the BSOD, I'd check the RAM first (run an extended memtest).

    How big is your new PSU? And particularly, how many amps does it support on each rail? Depending on the specs, it could still be getting overtaxed in a particularly demanding situation.
  7. couln't be drivers, i formatted and re-installed windows, could be my psu though... it was a real cheap 35 dollar deal. I'll also do a memtest
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