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can someone give suggest a system build (gaming) for me.budget bet ween 2500$-3000$ (all inclusive) .this is my first time.
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  1. Please edit your post using the template in this sticky, which provides all the required information for us to recommend you a build. *How To Ask For New Build Advice*

    You can look at my Recommended Builds sticky in my signature to get a general idea on what you can get with your budget.

    SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: gaming multitasking,watching movies,surfing internet

    PARTS NOT REQUIRED:require everything including psu.suggestgaming mouse keyboard,headset

    PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: (nothing particular
    PARTS PREFERENCES: by brand or type I would like to use an intel CPU & evga mobo full tower case) and nice monitor (maybe 3d)


    MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1680x1050, 1920x1080, 1920x1200)

    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: case should look cool quiet pc,temperature controlled,
  3. i7 930 + P6X58D - $580
    Overkill for gaming, as an i5 750 would probably satisfy all your system usages, but with a $3000 budget, WHY NOT? :D Intel's newest quadcore and one of the best x58 motherboards out there.

    Mushkin Blacklines - $175
    Great timings at a solid price.

    XFX 5970 - $720
    Fasting GPU currently out.

    Caviar Black Sata 6gbps - $120
    Might as well use that Sata 6gbps.

    Antec SG 850w - $240

    Intel x25-m $220

    2x ASUS 24" LCD - $460

    Antec 1200 - $160

    G15 - $90
    Razer Copperhead - $55

    Auzentech AD-700 - $85
    Zalman mic - $16

    I kinda gave up half way, time to sleep but you get the picture. Whoops $2921 w/o shipping and tax. Hope you don't live in CA.

    Oops speakers:
    Some of the best 2.1 out there, good night. Needless to say, if you use this build, its overbudget with the speakres :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :pt1cable:
  4. thanks for the suggestions,but i was thinking for the ram i would get 12 gb
  5. curseguy2 said:
    thanks for the suggestions,but i was thinking for the ram i would get 12 gb

    Based on the recommended uses for the PC you have listed, there is no reason to get more than 6GB of RAM. You only need more than 6GB of RAM for heavy HD video editing|rendering activities, CS4/5 or major CAD work, which will all will benefit from more RAM.
  6. Thanks Everyone !!
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