ATI Mobility HD 3200...PCI-E 2.0??

I looked up a review on my video card, The ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3200 and it says that it has PCI-E 2.0.....Does this mean i can add a video card to my laptop!! Plzz hankshelp.
If you cant add one is there anyway you can upgrade, replace one!!! Plzzz help. T
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  1. The simple answer is no! and no! The laptop has the card embedded on the motherboard.
  2. sorry.......dont bite my head off!! :fou: :non:
  3. niall_odonnell said:
    sorry.......dont bite my head off!! :fou: :non:

    Hehe... :lol: :lol:

    I hear you man, the guys around here could almost kill you for being a noob. :lol:

    Helpful, though...... :D
  4. hehee least i have a fellow from ireland and im like only a kid!! :lol: :D :sol:
    i got a laptop for chrsitmas and theres a new game out!! :(
    Well thanks :bounce:
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