hi, i have a MCP73M01H1 with a Core 2 Quad Q8200....wondering if i am able to swap the Q8200 with a Q9505, QX9650, X3370 or Q8400?? since they all have the same socket type: 775....just wanting a faster processor and not confident enough to o/c

any help would be great, thanks
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  1. It's not worth the money unless you find one used and sell your old one. Google your board and look for "cpu support". If your board is oem from hp or dell, then it's sometimes hard to predict what will work.
  2. thanks for the replies! i might just look at getting a fast C2D that it states as compatible such as the core 2 duo E8600 3.33Ghz...saves me looking around for a new m/b aswel? wouldnt know where to start...i dont see the big advantage of having two extra cores atm
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