Help achieving higher overclock fx8350

I am in need of some help overclocking my fx8350. I can currently run at about 4.7ghz but it is only 90% stable. I used Occt to test my overclock most of the time it passes but my temps have reached 65 on cores which from what I have read isn't good therefore I feel like I may not be applying the correct voltages. I would like to know if anyone can not only help me to stablize my overclock but if at all possible I would like to reach as close to 5ghz as possible.
My specs are as follows
Msi 890fxa-gd70
Amd FX8350 BE (4.7ghz 90% stable)
H100 push pull 4 fans as exhaust out of the top of case
InWin dragon rider case
OCZ 1250w zxseries psu
16gb corsair vengance 1600 ddr3 with a ram cooler (just in case)(stock)
Crossfired asus hd6950 dcii 2gb (stock)
Ocz agility 3 120gb Ssd (win 7 ultimate 64bit)
Crucial M4 256gb Ssd (demanding games)
2x 500gb WD cav. Blue in raid stripe (steam)
Seagate 350gb sata mini Hdd (backup/music)

Currently my Cell bios settings are
Amd c&q disabled
C1e disabled
Svm disabled
Fsb 200
Cpu ratio 23.5
Cpu-nb ratio I set to 12x to bring frequency to 2400 (highest I can go without fsb change)
Amd turbo core disabled
Unlock cpu core disabled
Oc genie and dial function disabled
Fsb/dram ratio I set this to 1:4 to get my stock speeds of 1600 (can change to 1866)
Ht link speed I set this to 12x to bring my ht frequency to 2400 too...because when on auto i was 2600 but when cpu-nb was on auto it was set to 2000. Cant go higher than that.

Cpu vdd voltage-auto
Cpu-nb vdd voltage-1.25
Cpu voltage-1.547 (OCCT shows only 1.46)
Cpu-nb voltage-1.255
Cpu PLL voltage-2.522
Cpu ddr-phy voltage-auto
Dram voltage-1.528
DDER VREF voltage-auto
Ddr vtt voltage-auto
Nb voltage-auto
Nb PCI-E voltage-auto
Ht link voltage-auto
SB voltage-auto
Spread spectrum-disabled

If anyone could give me some advice I would appreciate it very much...thanks in advance.
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  2. Rock solid overclocks on Sabertooth 990FX with cnq enabled.

    @3.5GHz : cpu offset voltage - 0.03125, load line calibration - high
    @3.7GHz : cpu offset voltage - 0.0625, load line calibration - ultra high
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