Trouble overclocking i5 2500k

Hello all,

I am struggling to overclock my i5 2500k cpu. motherboard is ASUS P8P67 Pro Rev 3.1. I think I am getting bogged down in all the turbo boost & speed step nonsense.

My understanding is this: speed step enables the CPU to be underclocked by the system down to 1.6GHz during periods of low load. Turbo boost allows the CPU to be overclocked up to some higher clock speed, which is controlled by the turbo boost multiplier, during periods of full loading. If certain parameters are exceeded, eg cpu temp, power consumption, etc then the clock will decrease back down. Is this correct?

Based on reading I have done, I am under the impression that these two features can combine with overclocking to allow your cpu to idle at 1.6GHz and turbo boost up to 4GHz (or whatever overclocked speed you like) under full load. Am I mistaken?

Currently I can't seem to get my clock speeds above about 3.3GHz max, no matter what I set the multipliers (cpu mult and turbo mult) in the BIOS. However the cpu does throttle down to 1.6GHz when idling and back up to 3.3GHz under load. I am using Prime95 to stress test.

Any pointers for something obvious I am missing? This seems like a "duh" sort of issue. Thanks!
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  1. it occurred to me that I didn't say that very well... what I meant is I can't get the cpu speed above 3.3GHz as measured with CPU-Z. The system boots and runs just fine, so I don't suspect CPU-Z is reporting the speed incorrectly.
  2. i have the same cpu, and im at 4ghz and idles down to 1.6. re-read the guide posted above by the good sir. you must be missing something
  3. Let me be a bit more descriptive about what I am seeing.

    Suppose in the BIOS I set the turbo multiplier to 37. Save and boot up. I have installed Intel's Turbo Boost monitor which starts up as soon as the computer starts. Immediately the boost goes up to the proper 3.7GHz, remains there for about a second, then disappears, leaving the cpu running at the base 3.3GHz. I can change the turbo multiplier and the cpu gets up to the proper value for about a second before it goes back down to the 3.3GHz where it remains.
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