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My system:

CPU - AMD Phenom IIx3 720
CPU Cooler - Arctic Cooling Freezer Xtreme Socket 775, AM2, AM2+, 939 Processor Cooler
MB - Gigabyte GA-MA790X-DS4
DIMM 1 - CM2X2048-8500C5
DIMM 2 - CM2X2048-8500C5
DIMM 3 - CM2X2048-8500C7
DIMM 4 - CM2X2048-8500C7
GPU - 2 x Sapphire 6870 (Crossfire)
PSU - Corsair TX650W

As you can see above I have 4 boards of 1066MHz RAM (albeit 2 sets of 2); however from the images below they are all registering as 6400 and therfore running at 667MHz.

Is this to do with the fact that they are different pairs? I would like to get these running at 1066MHz. What would be the best way to go about this?

I have looked in the bios and I can up them to 533 and thus run them at 1066MHz however; as they have defaulted to 667MHz is there something that I am missing or should know before I do this?

Your help is appreciated.



From the images
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  1. Your ram is already running at 1333. Most bios and cpuz report the ram speed as half what it actually is. It won't harm it to run it faster. Use the memory option on cpuz to confirm the speed. 667x2=1333. I've got 2 sticks of 1066 ddr3 with 2 sticks of 1600 ddr3 running at 1600 with the cpu overclocked. Cpuz reports it as 798; some variance is normal.
  2. Hi cobbcouk and welcome to Tom's forum.

    DDR2 1333MHz doesn't exist as default, so, it's not possible that his RAM is running at that speed.

    Can you post and imagen of the Memory tab in CPU-Z?
  3. Thanks for the responses. Here is the Memroy tab from CPU-Z

  4. cobbcouk said:
    Thanks for the responses. Here is the Memroy tab from CPU-Z

    Your RAM is running at 667 as you say in the 1st post.

    Go to your BIOS and change "set memory clock" until you can see the correct speed of your RAM.
  5. What effect will changing the memory speed have on my CPU?

    I only ask as I am running my CPU using AMD OD at 3.34 GHz with a CPU multiplier of 16.5.
  6. Not a big difference in commune use, but your will see a difference in benching.
  7. It seems that sticks 3 and 4 can't run at 1066. I have set the timing in the bios and the highest it will go is 800 (the 1066 option is there however it won't boot with it).

    Thank you for your help in this, I'm now looking at either getting a matched set of DDR2 or upgrading to a DDR3 MB and CPU in the next 6 months.

    The question is now how do I convince the wife? lol

    Many thanks

  8. Upgrading ram only isn't worth the cost of a new board and ram. Sell your old board and ram first. If you don't get any decent offers, keep it.
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