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Hey guys. I have a V2.0 powercolor 7850 O/C its gpu is up from 860mhz to 1000mhz and the Ram is up from 1200 to 1225mhz.


I have a question. it seems to be running cool and alright but lately its been making some funky noises. I have disconnected the fan and I still here a noise coming from it. it doesn't seem to be unstable or anything. it happens under load, when load stops the noise does as well.

I also was looking in my CCC and I see the power control setting now from what I read everywhere, everyone recommends to put it at +20 for overclocking. well mine is factory overclocked. so should I put it at 20%? or is it +20 percent in the bios?

thanks Tom's :)
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  1. Hi

    Perhaps what you're hearing is coil whine, you can find plenty of example on youtube.

    Your card may not need to draw more power, so you may not need to increase the power limit, though you could give it a go and see if you get any performance increase.
  2. okay so a few things I have found over the course of trying things out.
    1 download the power color over clocking tool (it lets you alter the voltage. because even though they set the voltage to 1.212 its real voltage is only 1.8.

    So d/l ati GPU tool and run the artifact tester and keep the power color o/c tool on so you can monitor voltage. for me to get it to the 1.212 voltage.
    I have to run it at 1.251 and in the reported voltage it sits on 1.215 v and the noise has gone away. its basically under volted and was screaming for moar power!

    Also check your CPU and ram's reported voltage. I had to put my DDR voltage on 1.52 to get a stable 1.5v reported voltage. and my cpu needed +.2 as well to get it to its real voltage. my system is much faster and stable now.
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