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I have a linksys card, connecting to a linksys wireless router... and I seem to be getting fairly constant hiccups. I'll get a wonderful ping, and then every couple minutes I'll get just one hiccup that is 1500-2000ms... it's at a fairly constant rate, so I think I could rule out microwaves and stuff like that, and it's at all times of the day, so I know it's not anyone else downloading on the line. I'm using 802.11b technology... all patches up to date, and a computer I just built a month ago. If anyone could help me figure out what is going on, that woudl be great.
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  1. You mean ping hiccups in games? If so, stop the Wireless Zero Configuration.

    To Disable: START->RUN->services.msc, locate the service and stop it.

    Note: If you disable the service and restart your PC, you won't connect to the network (only happpens if XP is managing your wireless connections). Just stop it when you want to play games. To get around this, you'll have to configure your card in "device manager" in order to connect to some specific network without XP.
  2. I get it all the time..I'm running a ping on yahoo -t to check it.. and it will go from a decent ping anywhere to 700-1500 ms.
  3. I tried your fix and it worked out just fine!! thanks a lot :)
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