My hp laptop dv6500 shows light at the charging port even after removing the cha

My dv6500 hp laptop cannot power with a flat battery after plugging into mains but will always show the blue light at the charging port, moreso it will eventually come up when i change the battery to another charged battery and then display charging at the notification bar when it boots up to windows, but will never comes up if i eventually makes the battery flat before charging
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  1. I... don't quite understand what you mean. I especially do not understand what you mean by a "flat" battery.
  2. By saying flat, i mean when the battery has no charge or fully exhausted of its charges. the main point here is that without a battery, atleast my system should be able to power up when plugged to the mains, but it does not. how do i troubleshoot this.
  3. If you plugged in and you remove the battery while it is on, does it shut off?
  4. I just tried that now and it didn't shut off, infact i'm working on it right now without the battery but directly plugged. please help me.

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