Guys if you are utilizing Intel's Xtreme Memory Profile, would that necessarily mean your CPU is unlocked and overclocked? Asus Rampage II GENE here and the only way I can utilize my correct RAM speed (DDR3 1600) is selecting XMP.
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    No, XMP is built into the RAM and sets pre-configured settings for the RAM, e.g., latency timiings, frequency, and likely some other settings. It does not unlock the CPU, not does it overclock the CPU.
  2. You can use XMP to auto set your speed and timings as well as the needed voltages, or, you can go set them manually. Both should do the same thing. XMP and EPP do not overclock, just allow an easier(automatic) way to set memory options. They are a extension of SPD(Serial Presence Detect).
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  4. Thanks guys, so in basic layman's terms, what is an unlocked CPU? I have a i7 930 in my system although I don't need to OC it. Would unlocking it be necessary?
  5. An "Unlocked" cpu means the multiplier is unlocked. For example a cpu with a multiplier of 8 and a fsb of 200 would run at 8 x 200 = 1600mhz.

    The I7 930 is not multiplier unlocked. However there is turbo mode that allows a certain number of multipliers over the normal max depending on the cpu load and number of cores loaded. Less cores loaded means it can drop the unloaded cores to a lower speed and use the extra headroom on the loaded cores. This process is automatic.

    You have no need to unlock or even try to unlock your current cpu.
  6. Thank you nukemaster
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