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I know this is not the typical storage question, and for that, I apologize. I was tasked by my boss to find a specific piece of hardware that I don't even know exists. I figure if any one can come up with something, it's the folks at Tom's.

We have hundreds of thousands of photographs (.CR2 files) on thousands of DVDs. We're in the process of putting them onto a 10TB photo server. The process is very manual - we load a disc into a drive, and then copy all the files (retaining their file structure) onto the server (hard drive). This is done one-at-a-time.

We want a piece of hardware that will allow us to load MANY discs at once (say, 100+). Then, once loaded, we want to have that machine automatically copy the files and file structure of each disc onto the server en masse. Ideally, that machine, and the discs contained within, would be archived into a secure vault as is. Obviously, this would depend on cost, size, etc.

So, as an example, we want to gather all discs that were produced in 2011, about 90 discs. Load them into this mythical machine (like a DVD changer). Hook up to a PC and press a button to start the process of moving all files and folders to a predetermined disk drive. When done, we'd label that machine as "2011" and stick it into a vault for safe keeping.

1) does that make ANY sense?
2) does such a thing exist?

I've looked at media changers, and other such devices, and this is the closest I can come up with. Unfortunately, it's no longer available.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
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    Well I don't know if there is any actual device you speak of, however I found a Ben Heck mod that changes DVD's via an old Sony 100 disc DVD changer.

    I know it's for an Xbox 360 - but I still think you could possibly modify it for a computer. There still might be some manual clicking - but at least you wouldn't have to manually change the DVD.

    .....or hire a summer/college student to do it :D

    Edit: Actually found more information. I believe what your looking for is an autoloader:

    Check this link out first:
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