1gb or 512 mb

i am a gamer . i want to upgrade my graphic card . currently i am using 8600gt its old now . i wanna know what difference does it make 1gb and 512 mb . and whats this ddr3, GDRR5 and 256 memory interface & all that .

what would be the best card withing 150$..
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  1. this article will answer your questions


    make sure you have enough power for any new card
  2. sir
    can you tell me whats memory interface in graphic cards. ex:\ 256 bit meory interface or 128 bit memory interface. what difference does it make .
  3. It's like a highway, the more lanes you have, more information can flow across them faster.
  4. its the interface between the GPU chip and the dedicated RAM

    the issue is a card like the 9800GT with 256 bit is actually slower then a card like the ATI 5750*

    at the same time a 4670 1GB card is actually slower then a 9800GT 512mb.

    Looking at stats for compare cards or even estimate their speed is difficult. The true measure is when the card starts running games. That is why independent reviews would be your best bet to see how well a card really does perform.

    * with 128 bit
  5. if you list your cpu, PSU, ram, operating system, Power Supply, and monitor resolution; we can recommend you some solid cards.
  6. hmm. can you tell me what are streaming processors in gpu.

    what difference does that thing make.
  7. I'd hate to say this, but you should search.
  8. You should be focusing on overall performance, not the technical details of each part that makes up a video card. Give the info ct1615 requested and we can tell you what cards you should be looking at.
  9. on the web every video card is critisized in some way or the other . there is nothing people have mentioned like:\ yeh this would be the best .of course more costly the card is more better but again people comment on them like its older version gives better performance . i have decided not to break my head on all this instead buy a card which suits my budget , thats within 150$

    ok. can someone explain ati is good or nvidia is better . people in india are suggesting nvidia. on the web ati rules . some say ati generates more heat . i am bit confused!
    tomshardware is right place to ask all this . help me out people.
  10. I'm not sure about the prices there but here for $150 the HD5770 is the obvious choice.
    Basically I would look for cards in this order;
    HD5770 > GTX 260 > HD4870 > HD5750 > GTS 250 > HD4850 > HD4770 > HD5670 > 9800GT
  11. thanks. i decided to shop msi hd 4850 . My mobo is old p5gc-mx/1333 asus and it has got old pci-e 1.0 bus. i know i will be stuck to this mobo untill i start to work. this card suits me well for now.

    but whats memory interface it has got i didnt get that. but 800 streaming processor is quite attractive. i guess it will take generation for nvidia to develop 800 streaming processors lol
  12. The stream processors in ATI cards use an entirely different architecture from the ones in Nvidia cards. They cannot be compared directly to each other based on a simple count. For example the GTS 250 has 128 stream processors but is slightly faster than the HD4850 which has 800.
    Just go by the ranking I listed above. Buy the best you can afford that will work with your current power supply.
  13. gauravtushir said:
    but whats memory interface it has got i didnt get that. but 800 streaming processor is quite attractive. i guess it will take generation for nvidia to develop 800 streaming processors lol


    like we have stated don't look at the stats. Nvidia builds their cards differently then ATI, they don't use as many stream processors yet make cards just as effective as the ATI 4850 in the GTS 250. Both cards give similar performance, similar price, but are built differently. Now i'm going to hit my head against the wall and hope to forget this thread.
  14. oh ***. i dont believe i just said that.
  15. i used to think streaming processor were same as processor core ex:\ core2duo , quad core, !7 ) . my knowledge is weak in this section
  16. i am sry about that
  17. No, that is correct essentially. It doesn't change that the two companies use entirely different architectures and thus comparing the number of stream processors is meaningless.
  18. hmm. thanks for asistance buddy . finally i decided to go with indian style shopping.

    (buying stuff according to budget and not thinking much).
  19. i was using nvidias 8600gt now i will replace the card with hd4850 msi model. many people have recommended me ati. so this time i will go with ati. last time i bought nvidia. i had no choice ati cards didnt even arrived in my country those days ..
  20. i thank you all for assistance.
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